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Von mr.miki, am 22. August 2012

hifound a rare japan only promo copyof parasite of society with two greatbonus tracks : silverskull (schmier singingjapanese , hell yeah ) silverskull (karaokeversion) buy japanese version , also a great cover of rapid fire (priest)

Von nick poulos, am 22. November 2011

i have recently been turned on to HEADHUNTER! i had no idea such a band exists, the two great leaders from TALON and DESTRUCTION, i cant believe it! paradoy of life is perfect. im currently finding all the records (on hard copy of course). hope to see more of this ultimate band! please play more festivals! schmuddel, i listen to talon constantly as well! ok i have to stop myself now...cheers from richmond virginia!!

Von Oscar, am 20. Oktober 2011

I just got the "new" (it just arrived to Costa Rica, and it only took three years!) headhunter album, and it kicked ass in a way I had no heard before! The bar has been raised for power metal in general. I hope schmier and co grace us with more headhunter, for not enough heads have rolled.

Von Jonas, am 03. Juli 2011

Hi! It's been a while since I´ve listened to Headhunter. I just started to think that what's up you guys? When are you planning to go on tour, or studio?

Von Iván Craked Rattlehead, am 08. April 2010

What a fukckin' great band!!! \m/ love his music

Von metalgod, am 07. Februar 2010

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Von Zwäännn, am 01. Februar 2010

...meinte "LIVE" :-))

Von Zwäääännn, am 01. Februar 2010

Hey Männerzzz... auf gehts, will euch auch ma wieder Libe sehn... Cheerz, Sven

Von Daddy Cool, am 11. November 2009


Von Wolle, am 25. September 2009

schöne grüsse von wolle und seinem coverless,den ultimativen rock-music-club am anderen ende der

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Von manfred, am 24. August 2009

hey this band are great and very importend.this trash i like it and i feel like good when i listen. hilsen manfred

Von tony, am 27. Juli 2009

great suff - unterrated band. love your work

Von Mikki, am 22. May 2009

awesome album, i love! hope to see Headhunter show in near the future!! cheerz from Tokyo!

Von FRITZ, am 22. April 2009

hey tom, besseres? zum beispiel deine band? hahaha!!! HEADHUNTER rules!!!